The project is the work of New York-based sculptor and artist Sam Van Aken who created the plants in an attempt to make people reconsider how food can be produced.
You're looking at a building that's been shortlisted for a prize awarded to a building in the UK that has contributed most to the evolution of architecture.
Two in five young people acknowledge that they would be happier if they used social media less
3D & 4D technology market report categorizes the global market 3D Product Type (IC, Printer, Gaming,CAD, Navigation, Animation, Camera, Cinema Screen, Medical Imaging (3D & 4D), HMD, Smart-Phone, TV
"It was unfortunate that a parody turned into such an expensive endeavor."
Trolling is fun, until you get caught. And that's exactly what just happened to someone in Washington, who got a Congressional IP address banned for trolling Wikipedia.
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