A Kickstarter project aims to build a personal robot that can keep your home secure, help you chat with loved ones and even read bedtime stories.
When Bahraini activist Moosa Abd-Ali Ali was granted asylum in the UK, he thought he'd found refuge. But then the Bahraini government targeted Moosa with a secretive spyware tool, and took over his d
You can get away with eating the same things on loop. But you have to be shrewd about the foods on your grocery list
Disciplines that place more emphasis on raw talent include fewer women, but it's not necessarily because men are more brilliant.
The next step in Windows technology is called Microsoft HoloLens — an augmented reality headset that uses holograms — operating system group technical fellow Alex Kipman announced today.
HoloLens is
Being stuck can be draining. You may feel like you can grasp the problem if you spent just a little more time on it. Unfortunately, next thing you know, you've wasted hours making little progress. Ne
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