A Kickstarter project aims to build a personal robot that can keep your home secure, help you chat with loved ones and even read bedtime stories.
When Bahraini activist Moosa Abd-Ali Ali was granted asylum in the UK, he thought he'd found refuge. But then the Bahraini government targeted Moosa with a secretive spyware tool, and took over his d
The next step in Windows technology is called Microsoft HoloLens — an augmented reality headset that uses holograms — operating system group technical fellow Alex Kipman announced today.
HoloLens is
5G is very much a future thing and, despite how much various mobile industry players want to push their own ideas, it’s currently very ill-defined. Nonetheless, the regulators of the airwaves need to
If the TV manufacturers (and Yves Behar) fail to convince the buying public that curved screens are exactly what they need to fill the gaping void in our hearts, they shouldn't be too worried. A...
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