A major storm is forecasted in the political horizon of the Middle East rendering a more intensified and widespread war on the ground in the already decimated Syria. The militaries of Saudi Arabia, T
Nearly three months after the launching of 80 rockets on an Iranian refugees camp located near Baghdad International Airport leaving 24 residents killed and more than 100 injured, a group of resident
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's three-and-a-half-year stay in the Ecuadorian embassy in London amounts to 'unlawful detention', a United Nations panel examining his appeal will rule on Friday, the
President Barack Obama will give his final State of the Union address tonight, kicking off the final 12 months of his time in the Oval Office. To mark the occas...
Armed protesters occupy a US government building in Oregon in support of a ranching family ordered to return to jail.
Federal lawmakers will consider a bill that would stop companies from robocalling cellphones to collect on debt that's held or backed by the federal government, including student loans and mortgages
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