A new diet tracker uses a camera and jawbone motion sensor to record how much people are eating.
Public Wi-Fi networks--like those in coffee shops or hotels--are not nearly as safe as you think. Even if they have a password, you're sharing a network with tons of other people, which means your da
Skype for Web makes chatting face-to-face with your aunt easier by eliminating the need to download a pesky app.
Twitter has 500 million logged out users it's trying to squeeze value out of, but now it has a plan to fix its growth problem, which is really a new user..
Look out Spotify: Google has officially announced a new music subscription service that takes advantage of YouTube's vast collection of music and existing relationships with labels.
We’ve all been there: spending two hours reading up on on the life and times of Michael Jackson or watching YouTube clips of every talk show interview Benedict Cumberbatch has ever done. But if you w
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