Two decades after he served as the chief negotiator for peace talks between the then Yasser Arafat-led Palestine Liberation Organization and Israel under..
The 'Shellshock' Bash shell bug is a big deal, but it's relatively easy to keep your home PC safe.
VIDEO: There's a scientific explanation for why you cringe at the sound of your own voice.
Wakie (pictured) was created Armenian developer Hrachik Adjamian. An alarm is set for 7am for example, and at this time, the user who set the alarm receives a call from a member.
The story of Selfie is long, arduous, and more than a little absurd. It culminates today in the release of Selfie, an iPhone app for posting video clips of up to 24 seconds of yourself talking...
Apple denied that it will shut down the Beats Music streaming service, though a rebrand is likely at some point.
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