Look out Spotify: Google has officially announced a new music subscription service that takes advantage of YouTube's vast collection of music and existing relationships with labels.
We’ve all been there: spending two hours reading up on on the life and times of Michael Jackson or watching YouTube clips of every talk show interview Benedict Cumberbatch has ever done. But if you w
Technology entrepreneurs and investors alike have long regarded commoditization as a dark and dangerous force, a destroyer of high-margin businesses, to be avoided at all costs. An exciting new class
Since the 20s, inventors have been promising flying cars as part of humanity's glorious future, only to back off once they start grappling with issues like fuel efficiency and safety standards. But..
Shawn Sarver took a deep breath and stared at the bottle of Listerine on the counter. "A minty fresh feeling for your mouth... cures bad breath," he repeated to himself, as the scalpel sliced open...
The world is likely to suffer a major cyber attack causing “widespread harm to a nation’s security and capacity to defend itself” before 2025, according to a survey of more than 1,600 experts carried
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