Whether or not Apple’s next overhaul of the iPhone meets your needs, you should still wait until September to commit to a new phone, writes Joanna Stern.
Citizens of London in the UK, Düsseldorf in Germany, and Bern in Switzerland will soon be able to order packages, groceries and food and have it delivered by a self-driving robot. 
From CNET Magazine: Password protection is so last century. Take a look at the future of security.
VR-supported and 360-degree videos are starting to become more common, but your everyday user doesn't always want — or have access to — a big fancy camera rig to capture such footage while one the go
The software will let you control your smartphone through eye movements to play games, open apps and do other stuff
Better late than never. MetroPCS will sell the iPhone 6S, 6S Plus and iPhone SE starting July 1.
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