Twenty-twenty vision? Big deal. UltimEyes could train your brain to see in 20/7.5.
The Dutch tech giant has come up with a way to use connected lighting as the basis for in-store location-based services, such as finding items and offering highly targeted coupons.
Attackers hit crowdfunding company Kickstarter last week, making off with data pertaining to an undisclosed number of user accounts.
Sociologist Zeynep Tufekci argues that we aren't living in either Orwell's 1984 or Bentham's Panopticon, and that the same tools that allow governments and companies to surveil us -- often with our p
Chris Barrett, who was first to take Google Glass into a casino and also said he was first to film an arrest with Glass, finds he gets too many headaches. He's also lost his enthusiasm for the gadget
Forget wearable computers and self-driving cars. The search giant will continue its dominance by sticking with its roots--taking $20 billion out of the hides of some very familiar companies.
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