Late last night, Nest announced its Developer Program: An initiative that's going to allow more than 5,000 developers to tinker and build new Nest functionality. To kick things off, it's launching wi
A nanoshell to protect foreign enzymes used to starve cancer cells as part of chemotherapy has been developed by nanoengineers. Enzymes are naturally smart machines that are responsible for many comp
Cable subscribers are starting to get access to YouTube and other online video services, thanks to cloud-based technology that brings modern apps to legacy set-top boxes.
The FCC's fourth annual report on broadband speeds is in, and it's mostly good news. Unless you're DSL customer. If so, your internet speeds are most likely slower than advertised. And soon, several
A startup called Zabosu is looking to kickstart a mobile marketplace for "remote-controlled humans." If successfully funded, the service will allow people, or "directors," to hire "actors" who will..
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