"The lasers can do anything you want them to," explains Bob Pittman, the CEO of Clear Channel, during a visit to his midtown Manhattan office. The tour includes a hallway that changes stations as...
Marcel Lehel Lazar, a Romanian citizen and former taxi driver also known by the hacker moniker “Guccifer,” was indicted by a US federal grand jury on Thursday on charges of wire fraud, unauthorized a
Helen Czerski: Apart from its new scientists, Lego's latest female minifigures include a Lady Robot, a Pretzel Girl and a Diner Waitress
Unlike panting and lick their fur, tree-hugging doesn't lead to dehydration
FiveThirtyEight put together a neato chart of the 100 most edited Wikipedia articles--the segments of human life that, for some reason or other, have inspired the most meticulous care, the most nitpi
Some would say that Americans have an "obsession" with bacon, but why? Tastiness aside, there's something about the smell that draws people out of bed and around the breakfast table. "Turns out th
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