Rich cultural heritage has blessed India with numerous places worth visiting. Many of these are lying hidden in little-known towns and villages, which even many of the tourist circles, at times have
The UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, has stated changes to tourist visas which will refund the cost of around 25,000 visas for tourists from China in an attempt to attract more Chinese
India is one of the few countries that is versatile when it comes to tourism and there is a lot that every region in this vast nation can offer to an average traveler.
If you are fascinated by the chills of a haunted place and want to experience the paranormal of which they all keep talking about, here is a list of haunted places in India. So, pack your bags and ge
It is a temporary immigrant visa, or we can say- a conditional permanent resident visa which allows an entrepreneur to start or continue his business in a foreign country. This visa can later be conv
Seeking respite from the scorching summer sun and before rolling the winter carpet for the peak tourist season, India welcomes monsoons with open arms.
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